Heavy Haul and Truckload

Heavy haulOur unparalleled commitment to safety makes us the obvious choice when it comes to super heavy or oversized freight.

Uniquely equipped to handle all your specialized transportation needs! As a Landstar Agency JLC client, you'll have access to over 1,700 stepdecks and 1,400 flatbed trailers, plus Lowboys that can handle heavy haul loads of 40 to 80 tons.

Our Internet technology matches our heavy haul trucks and equipment with your heavy haul freight, ensuring you get safe, responsive customized service and so much more!


For a no obligation quote, email us today at requestaquote@janssonllc.com or call 773-242-6175!



Specialized Solutions

One call to your Landstar agent is all it takes to set up specialized transportation solutions in motion! When comparing heavy haul carriers, remember, there's more to successful specialized hauling than just oversize and overweight permits the difference is in the details.


Full Truckload

For truckload shipping, we have 8,200 power units operated by Landstar business capacity owner as well as 14,000 pieces of trailing equipment. We also have access to approx. 25,000 other approved third-party truck capacity providers.


As a large scale capacity provider, we can provide to you...

  • Leading edge Technology
  • Coordination of Bidding, Scheduling, Shipping, Tracking, Invoicing & Reporting
  • Van, Refrig., Flatbed and Heavy Haul Equipment
  • Head Haul Service
  • Back Haul Pricing
  • Competitive LTL Pricing and much more!